About us

Certificates and Acknowledgments

"Pamario restauratorius", UAB is the only professional cultural-heritage restoration company in Western Lithuania. The company is successfully operating since 2001. 

The company has adopted and applies International Quality Management System LST EN ISO 9001:2008, International Environmental Management System LST EN ISO 14001:2004, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007. 


    • Restoration, repair and conservation of immovable cultural-heritage properties;
    • Expert-examination of immovable cultural-heritage structures and buildings;
    • General construction works;
    • Works at sites of extraordinary significance;
    • Designing works.


            The team of qualified and experienced specialists, as mustered by "Pamario restauratorius", UAB, has restored a great number of prominent historical and architectural heritage properties in Klaipėda Region. The company's specialists have renewed, and adapted for the academic community's needs, the campus complex of Klaipėda University, have restored historical buildings in Klaipėda – the former Queen Luisa's Residence (Klaipėda Region Governor's Administration), Merchant Gerlach's Manor (the Children's Division of Klaipėda Region Ieva-Simonaitytė Public Library), the Teachers' Seminary (the Faculty of Pedagogy of Klaipėda University), have restored the beauty and splendour of Vilkėnai, Švėkšna, and Zypliai Manor Estates which was wasted in Soviet times, as well as the churches of Rietavas, Kretinga and Palanga and a great many other heritage properties. 

            "Pamario restauratorius", UAB has developed, adopted and is maintaining an integrated management system in accordance with international standards as well as normative legislation requirements and is making continual improvements to its effectiveness. 

            OUR VALUES

              • Working fairly and discharging honestly our obligations to customers and suppliers; 
              • Being delighted at every opportunity to effectuate our mission, and carrying on works with pleasure;
              • Admitting openly to our mistakes and mending the same in pursuit of discharging our obligations to customers to the maximum extent;
              • Improving the management system;
              • The teamwork principle facilitates every team member to unlock his/her potential;
              • Safe working conditions are always ensured at work sites, notwithstanding the site's degree of hazard;
                        • Carrying on works with the least possible negative environmental impact.


                        In 2007, 2008 and 2009, "Pamario restauratorius", UAB was nominated for the "Gazelė" award, established by "Verslo žinios", as a fast-growing company in the region. 

                        On February 16th, 2008, the team of "Pamario restauratorius", UAB was presented with the Flag of Klaipėda City for projects humanising the seaport's spaces.

                        The company's works were more than once acknowledged with letters of appreciation from the Department of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Lithuania as well as from regional and municipal government authorities. 


                          • In 2006, a bronze sculpture – "The Guard of the Old Town" (Author – S. Jurkus) – was erected in Turgaus Boulevard in the Old Town.
                          • In 2007, a sculpture – "A Childhood Dream" (Author – S. Jurkus) – was erected on the embankment of the Cruise Ship Terminal.
                          • In 2007, a sculpture – "Eglė – Queen of Adders" (Author – K. Pūdymas) – was donated to Klaipėda University.
                          • In 2008, in concert with Klaipėda City Municipality Administration, an Old Town building (at Kurpių g. 8) was adorned with the sculpture "The Chimney Sweeper" (Author – K.Pūdymas).
                          • In 2008, the Faculty of Pedagogy of Klaipėda University was donated with an information board memorialising the key stages of the centenarian building's history (Author – R. Gorodneckienė).
                          • In 2009, a memento to memorialise the Millennium Odyssey of the yacht "Ambersail" (Author – S. Jurkus) was erected at the Cruise Ship Terminal.
                          • In 2010, in concert with Klaipėda City Municipality Administration, a sculpture – "The Black Ghost of Klaipėda" to memorialise one of Klaipėda's ancient legends (Authors – S. Jurkus, S. Plotnikovas) – was erected within the territory of the castle site.
                          • In 2010, I. Simonaitytė Public Library was donated with the Sun Watch and Calendar "The Book of Time" (Authors – R. Klimavičius, R. Martinkus).

                                        WE ARE STANDING SPONSORS OF

                                        the event "Festival in the Medieval Town" arranged by the History Museum of Lithuania Minor, "The Sea Festival", and Klaipeda Basketball Team "Neptūnas".