Since 2001, we are restoring cultural heritage and thus preserving the same for future generations.

Projects Accomplished

The team of qualified and experienced specialists has restored a great number of prominent historical and architectural heritage properties in Klaipėda Region. The company's specialists have renewed the campus complex of Klaipėda University, have restored a number of historical buildings in Klaipėda and a great many other heritage properties. 

cultural heritage properties restored

Reliable Partner

We work fairly and discharge honestly our obligations to customers and suppliers.
We are delighted at every opportunity to effectuate our mission, and we carry on works with pleasure in pursuit of discharging our obligations to customers to the maximum extent.

qualified specialists' team
million Euro worth of projects implemented
international quality certificates

Creative Process

The teamwork principle facilitates every team member to unlock his/her potential. The creative process consists of restoration, repair, conservation, and construction works. Watch the video to see more: